Expedition Series: "Perpetual Calendar" T45531, 2006

4 Years later, the watch has been worn maybe 10 times, it looked like this

The surface coating - or Gun Metal Finish - has corroded...
Today on August 16th 2010, almost exactly 4 years after I bought the watch, I detected that the surface coating of the Expedition Perpetual Calendar has corroded. I did not take a picture of the watch with the oxidized material covering all those areas that now appear lighter.
After a thorough cleaning with a brush and soapy water, tooth picks and "Goo Gone" the oxidized material was entirely removed. I wonder if other Timex users made the same experience with surface coated models like this one. I am not really upset because it looks now as if it went to several Expeditions. It has a rather pleasant Wabi. Of course I will have to keep observing it to see whether the corrosion has really stopped at the surface.