Explorer "Perpetual Calendar" Collection 2006

Timex' Dial Illumination (INDIGLO) is ideal
for walking in Bangkok at night. The headlights of the always sticky traffic give too much ambient light. Thus a watch with just luminous hands might be hard to read. This situation is where the dial illumination in combination with the luminous hands from the inventor of INDIGLO really shows its strength. If it is really dark, the luminous paint of the hands will show the time. During twilight or in the night traffic, the backlight of the dial lets the hand appear back and reading the time is really easy.
Update: I replaced the CR2016 battery in April 2014. This was a tough job for an amateur like myself. Since the replacing of the plate that holds the battery in place was so tough, I completely forgot to take pictures of the movement and the battery replacement. The battery retaining metal shield makes contact at four positions and one needs to check really carefully that it sits correctly. Otherwise the setting process will not work after the battery replacement.