Time Force Quartz Chronograph Miyota OS 10

The Time Force chronograph looks like a new watch after the crystal cleaning
I had bought the watch ca. 1996 and took the first pictures with the black background ca. 6 years later, in late 2002. Already then I had a feeling that the pictures were not really crip. Now today on April 13th 2007 on the last day of the Thai year, I decided to remove the movement and have a look at the crystal. It was completely fogged. I am not sure what the cause of this fogging is, the movement and the inside of the case were very clean. The Miyota (Citizen) OS 10 chronograph caliber was a lot cleaner then e.g. the same movement found in a Timex Quartz chronograph. No finger prints here. I assume it must have been evaporating battery acid (the battery was not leaking when removed) that caused the crystal to be so severely fogged.

Crystal Cleaning Hints
I am sure different people have different setups, but here is how I do it: