TRASER 3105 S, 2005

Lucky shot
because with this picture I am able to show the ONLY thing I found on this watch that I would like to improve. Maybe a zigzag shaped tail of the second hand would fix the situation described below inexpensively. I know that the second hands tail is so long and heavy to compensate for the little vial and to reduce the torque of the second hand which will provide a smoother stepping and eat less battery power.
Yet imagine this scenario: A service personnel with a unhealthy dose of sleep deprivation sits during night time on a cold mountain and is required to make radio contact every 2 hours. He nods off for a while and wakes up exactly at the time, the second hand's tail crosses the minute hand. For that moment, the hour hand and the minute hand look identical in the dark. Maybe that shock about having missed a couple of radio contacts could help to keep that person awake for the rest of the shift. Maybe my WIS fantasy is simply too wild. I have been sitting during night time on cold mountains and have been trying to keep myself awake with dark chocolate during exercises. I let you decide whether this is a small issue that could be fixed with a differently shaped end tail of the second hand or whether this is simple one of those "huge problems" we discuss on watch forums ;-)