TRASER 3105 S, 2005

This is my favorite method: old credit cards or phone prepay cards or old luggage tags
I am sure every one has his own tricks. I find plastic cards will not damage satin brushed cases and I prefer them over any metallic tools even used in conjunction with tape or other protective layers.
The first step is to carefully work one card in. Then use a second and eventually a third card and work them under the bezel. Use thicker cards and slowly work up the bezel. The gap between bezel and case is now 1 to 1.5 mm.
Second step: To carefully pry the bezel off, I used my trusted Bergeon snap-on case back opener, in the picture linked here (opens new window), the tool with the black handle next to the TESTER. Of course the opener is inserted on top of a plastic card and under the bezel. Carefully work your way around the bezel. The gap between bezel and case will steadily increase until the bezel comes off. Do not rush and go fractions of a millimeter at a time! You do not want to crack that bezel and order a spare part!