TITAN, India
Divison of the TATA Group of Companies that produces about anything imaginable and also offers great IT services

must have a common distributor in Asia. Whenever I was in a shopping mall in Bombay, I found these four brands close together. I was very surprised to find the TITAN brand in the Japanese owned Tokyu Group in Bangkok in 2004. Then in 2005, the TITAN brand was also available in the Central shopping malls, the largest shopping mall chain in Thailand.

Watch Hunting in Bombay December 2003 with Street Impressions and Pictures from the Shop where I bought the hmt Watches

Picture Series of the Tarun (Youth) Model also including Movement Pictures with removed Dial

Hunting for TITAN (Tata owned) ultra-slim EDGE watches in Bombay


TITAN EDGE Ultra Flat Quartz Watch, 30 m WR, Sapphire
Caliber T9081-6J Battery SR712SW
Mumbai (Bombay) 1st Trip Travel Report - the shopping Report
Wrist Closer Wrist Side Comparison with
round EDGE
Back Open Movement