Swatch, Bienne, Switzerland

First AutoQuartz - My favorite Swatch!
Front Back Wrist "Logarithmic" Flexband


Swatch Beat Swatch Cosmos
Irony Chronograph
Front Back Front Back Front Back
Swatch 1990
Wrist Back
Platinum Swatch  "Tresor Magique", Limited Edition 12'999 pieces, that is too many to make this an interesting investment!
Outer Box
Read the Story!
Front View
 Inner Box
Back View
Inner Box
Open Inner Box Front Dial Close-Up Back
"The SCUBA Dremel Project" - two Scubas "filed" open
"Front" Scuba Backlight
Scuba 1990 Lug View Back

Manufacturing steps of a Swatch explained (text is in pictures)
"Front" Top View 1. Case 2. Lug View 3. Setting 4. Motor 5. Gear Train
6. Plate 7. Calendar 8. Day Disc 9. Dial, Hands, Glass 10. Battery and Cover
Swatch Chronos and one Scuba
700 Years Switzerland Celebration Set, 1991
In Box Front