Trésor Magique
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Mysterious crowd in front of Swiss Bank Corporation, Paradeplatz, Zurich, October 22nd, 1993, 11 PM
This watch was issued in late October 1993, I clearly remember having worked late and having passed the Zurich Paradeplatz on Friday at around 11 PM, were all the headquarters of the big Swiss banks are located. Through the tram's windows I saw some 200 people, some with sleeping bags, laying, sitting or standing in front of the Swiss Bank Corporation. A political demonstration maybe?

The next day's evening news lifted that riddle: 12'999 Platinum Swatches were issued on that Saturday and those people spent the October night outside to get one at the issue price of CHF 2'222 (or USD 1'618). The NZZ (Neue Zuercher Zeitung) reported one week later that USD 6000 were paid in Manhattan for that Swatch. This Swatch is commonly known - in the WIS community that is - as the Swatch 2222.

I bought the watch about a year later, actually I was just browsing the Swatch News in the oldtown of Zurich, when I was offered the "Trésor Magique" for CHF 2'600.

And Jorge Merino tells me on December 20th 2001, that the watch is worth USD 1'280 on an eBay auction...would you like my new interpretation of WIS? Watch investment Is Silly, probably true in most cases, unless you are going for stainless Rolexes.
Anyway, that is my (S)watch's story.