First Swatch Auto Quartz Model

Great to wear thanks to the "logarithmic" flex bracelet ...
My wrist of 6.5' or 16.5 cm is just right for the "small" version of the Swatch bands. They fit perfectly! Why I call this the "logarithmic" flex bracelet, you can see on the next page. The watch feels incredibly light, weighing only 50 grams, and the only thing I do not like is are those spoon shaped hands which really look weird and about the opposite of the optimal hands shape, given the objective is to facilitate reading the time. And knowing that one can not "break in" Swatches, this is really quite annoying.
It would be quite easy to remove the band and wear the watch head the other way around :) The comfort would suffer though. I guess I will have to live with those hands and simply continue to take the watch off often and admire the nice movement through the display back. Despite those really dysfunctional hands (reading the minute quickly is impossible) this is one of my favorite Swatches, because today for me, the movement counts more then the packaging.