First Swatch Auto Quartz Model

I still remember that bad day ....
When I dragged the BRAND NEW Swatch AutoQuartz - this is a model from the very first series - along the black marble wall in the office of my customer. Phew! Those are real WIS pains... if you look very closely you can see the hairlines above the letters "w" and "c" from the "swatch" print on the dial

Today I am over it, the slight scratches on the crystal could be even buffed away with Crystal Clear. I am not going to do it, because I want to wear the watch now. At first I thought this Swatch is so nice, I want to keep it in pristine condition. Also I have noticed that polishing Swatches is not so much fun, because the plastic case will most likely get some polishing too and at the end, the whole work would make the watch not really look nicer. Also sometimes it is quite hard to remove the white cream with the aluminum oxide particles (the very same stuff you find in tooth pastes, check the ingredients please, Colgate e.g. is so nice to write down all the ingredients meticulously).