P19. hmt Tarun hand wind 17 Jewels (Citizen design, Indian manufacture) -- Cricket ball series -- 28. August 2007

hmt - Hindustan Machinery and Tools - Model "Tarun" (Youth)
Hand wind, 17 Jewel Citizen movement

Photos by Reto Castellazzi

Camera: Nikon Coolpix 995
Light: Neon ceiling light plus National 20 W neon desk lamp
reflector cards. Overcast skies allowed for very little ambient
light, thus these pictures can be considered indoor
Setup: Working table

About this Series, Wednesday 28th August 2007
My Indian friend Xerxes pointed me to the largest hmt Agent in Bombay. I decided to shoot a series of the Tarun (meaning Youth) model with some Indian props from around the house. Since the original rubber band had deteriorated, I decided to put that Tarun on a locally (Bangkok) purchased inexpensive flex band underlining its vintage looks.
The buying experience at the hmt shop is documented here. A table with all the 25 hmt watches bought is here.

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I collected some Indian accessories to create this overview photo

The used (!) Cricket ball was a gift from a dear friend in Bombay

The Tarun (means Youth in Hindi) holds the cracked (wooden with leather skin) ball together

Another view with Indian incense sticks

A bit of Blu Tack (Fun-Tak in the US) keeps the flexband (bought locally) on the pack

A little tour around the dial starts here

Now back to the nice looking innards of the watch: a Citizen designed movement manufactured by hmt in India

The inner case back looks OK. Just a slight discoloration in one area. Not bad at all given this is new old stock from the 80ies (my guess)

A closer look at the clean looking movement

And the view towards the crown

The light was not great, but the "hmt" engraving is clean and crisp

As close as the Coolpix 995E could go: the Balance

The watch was wound when I took these pictures and the center second wheel was turning continuously

The case back is now back on

A detail of the hands and dial inscriptions

I had bought this flexband - which is a great match IMO - locally here in Bangkok

Thanks to this flexband, the setup for the next couple of shots was really easy. It balanced the watch nicely for me

And last but not least, the hairy wrist shot sequence.

Thank you for "watch"ing and visit India if you have a chance. It's definitely worth the travel


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