Beautiful, is it not? The beach is just below a steep rim, about 15 meters below the pool accessible via a steep wooden stairs. And just below the lamps at the far end of the pool are two suites with their own huge terraces. During a following board retreat I noticed that a bunch of obviously rich kids had rented both suites down there and that the partying reached levels that proved what kind of smart architect this was to move these away from the main buildings and bungalows. The design of this resort is so great, it is fully booked most of the time. The resort is in Chomtien and Pattaya is about a 15 min taxi ride to the North. If you want to find this hotel, it is easiest to follow street posts "Asia Pattaya Hotel" sometimes also labeled "Asia Hotel" only or "Asia Hotel Pattaya". Well, this is Thailand my friends, multiple writing versions is what you have to learn to live with, even for street names transcribed to English. Once you reached that huge hotel, then look at the opposite side and you will find the entrance to "Birds and Bees" (maybe some street posts still carry the old name "Cabbages and Condoms"). The resort is not easy to find in the dark! So ask your way around in Pattaya if you are planning to arrive at dark hours!

Plus, if you are a coffee drinker, please bring along a small glass of instant coffee as the provided stock in the room will be gone too soon :) Smoking only on terraces! Not in the rooms! But every room has a terrace and it is simply great to sit out there and listen to the sounds of the day or the night! You feel like sitting in midst of a jungle! Starting from ca. 7:30 AM, the hotel starts to play slow Jazz and other slow songs discretely.
If you are a bad sleeper like me, then it is important that you ask for a room with a middle number 4, because the bungalows are numbered as e.g. 642: Bungalow 6, floor 4 (top floor), room 2. The floors are not too massive, so if you have fellow travelers that are also bad sleepers, you do not want to listen to their walkathlons all night long.