A poster on the aisle of the main building. The condoms have names, like the admiral, the beer drinker, the golfer etc. Pictures with condom themes are found throughout the resort. If you think this is bad taste or offensive, then please think again: estimates assume that 50% of the female and male sex workers in Thailand are HIV positive. Khun Meechai tried to raise awareness and education with many campaigns throughout the Kingdom.
And if you think all these girls smile at you during your travel in Thailand, then think again please. Well, if you have been blessed with great looks and are below 30 years of age, then you might indeed receive some genuine smiles. For most of us and for most of the time, the smiles reflect often the hope of earning some money, one or the other way. Thus in my eyes, awareness campaigns like these are needed. Closing the eyes in front of disastrous general health patterns, now that is what I would call obscene.