P11. SuperKonTiki & Flightmaster
-- Watches and Shells, Hua Hin (8)  --
4. May 2002


Eterna SuperKonTiki Limited Edition and Seiko Flightmaster

Photos by Kritaya Lamsam

Camera: Canon Digital IXUS 2.1 MegaPixel
Light: Afternoon daylight at the beach in Hua Hin
Setup: None, no tripod, no reflectors
7 pictures

About this Series, May 4th 2002
Another rather coincidental series while playing at the beach. My wife often has those rather surprising ideas, I am playing and completely forgetting that our camera is in the beach bag. This time it was the much lighter Canon IXUS, thust the pictures will not be as crips at the Coolpix's.