P8. Seiko Flightmaster 6S37 Ti-- The Flightmaster at the "Airport"(9) -- January 2002

 Seiko Flightmaster 6S37 Titanium

Photos by Reto Castellazzi

Camera: Nikon Coolpix 995
Light: Natural daylight, afternoon 04:30 PM
Setup: TOMY toy Jumbo Jet, two silver screens, black 
and blue cardboard as backdrop
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About this Series, Wednesday, January 30th, 2002
I was posting the Omega Seamaster Beach Series the evening before and got an amazing feedback on TZ Public Forum: unexpectedly ca. 750 people viewed that Beach Series. And Hary (that is his TZ handle) asked me, when the review of the Flightmaster would follow. Since I am not wearing the watch (yet), it had to be a photo essay only ;-) But I was really amazed about all the reaction on my saying, that I bought the watch only for the movement, that it will be a museum watch and that I do not intend to wear it. Unisono all posters said "Size it! Wear it!". Well it is Titanium, and before I hear, that this Titanium is as hard as the IWC nitrogen hardened Titanium I will not wear it. My golf buddy in the 90ies back in Switzerland was always wearing an early Seiko Sport SQ150 Titanium watch when golfing. Wow, that "thing" was the most abused watch case I have sever seen. That is why I am a bit cautious about wearing the Flightmaster.

The original plan was to photograph the watch at the civil airport in Hua Hin, but since the cold season is over, the next weekend to Hua Hin not really planned yet and since Hary asked for the review, I decided to shot an indoor series with a toy plane from Pepper.

Fasten the Seat Belt, lean back and enjoy the Flight!