P6. Omega Seamaster GMT -- Water Lily Series Hua Hin(4)  -- December 2001
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Omega Seamaster GMT, base caliber ETA 2893-2

Photos by Reto Castellazzi

Camera: Nikon Coolpix 995
Light: Natural daylight, noon 12:40 PM
Setup: Natural background as found in the garden and around
the pool,  used a dried leaf to block light from the sky, use
water lily leaves to block the bright noon light
4 pictures

About this Series, Monday, December 30th, 2001
This series was immediately after the beach series. Since that one was so tough, I felt I could finally give those water lilies in the full and bright sunlinght a try. No palm tree to give even a square inch of shade. 
I had looked at those water lilies in a huge clay pot many times, I had also tried to take a picture of my wife's SKX015K there once. The watch had disappeared into the pot and I had to grab deep into the not very clear water, touching all sort of unknown glibbery things until I found the watch near the bottom of the large vase. I have quite a respect of grabbing for things in the water, since my experience on a golf course in Swindon, UK once. I thought I saw my ball near the shore of a water hazard and tried to catch it. To my utmost scare, that "golf ball" was a toad!

Noon sun light and a Black Dial
Are probably not the best partners for a great photo series. I tried my best to use natural resources to avoid glare on the crystal. Actually I was quite surprised by the outcome. Those water lily leaves with their nice phloem "vessels" made up for some nice effects.