P5. Omega Seamaster GMT -- Garden Flower Series Hua Hin(8) -- December 2001

 Omega Seamaster GMT

Photos by Kritaya Lamsam & Reto Castellazzi

Camera: Nikon Coolpix 995
Light: Natural daylight, morning 09:15 AM
Setup: Natural background as found in the garden, 
slight re-arrangement of flower blossoms, 
no tripod, reflection screens etc. used
8 pictures

About this Series, Monday, December 30th, 2001
Do you see how the beach looked that morning? And how should we shoot a beach series now? Well, I shot a beach series later on the same day, but it was pretty tough, since the wind did not really calm down a lot.

A new helper in our team!
Reya joined us as a assistant art director in this series. I told her "Now find the most beautiful flowers - we will use them as a background to photograph this watch!". And Reya would run off and scan the garden for nice blossoms "Here Daddy, those are beautiful".
Of course this new strategy had also another goal: to keep Reya a bit further away from the shooting. One of the biggest obstacles of the previous series was, that she was always very close to the 'stage'. With her natural curiousity (definitely inherited from the Swiss Grandmother) she had to be close to the watch to see what this was all about. If you watch the pictures closely, you will see some pink reflections, guess where the originate from, well, the new strategy did not work 100% yet ;-)

This is how the Beach had looked that Morning
No way, we could have shot a beach series. The wind was strong and there was high-tide. And I still have not replaced the battery on my SEIKO Tidal watch. Otherwise I could have checked the tide roughly from the convenience of the living room.

New experience: use plant leaves as reflection screens or try to use reflections artistically
This was our first series using plants as backdrops. Interestingly, one could use the plants quite easily to avoid glare on the crystal. Or one could make use of the reflections and try to match them with the background. There is a shot towards the end of the series that tries to make use of the 'zebra reflection' of the appartment building.