P1. Seiko Titanium Diver SKX421K -- On the Beach in Hua Hin -- September 2001

 Seiko Automatic Titanium Diver SKX421K, Cal. 7S26
Photos by Kritaya Lamsam
Camera: Nikon Coolpix 995, 3.3 MegaPixel
Light: Daylight, afternoon 4:30 to 5:00 PM
Setup: Improvised "unipod" (wooden wedge), natural props found on the beach, one yellow 
plastic net holding my daughter's beach toys,
props basically left untouched with the exception of adding the two Mother-Of-Perl shells
to shot nr. 3 and adding the dried leaf to attract the dragon fly for shot nr. 4 and placing a 
white shell next to the watch for shot nr. 7
8 pictures

About this Series, Friday September 21st, 2001
This Friday I had to leave the house early, for it was time of the periodical pest control - I am living in Bangkok and pest control is a real necessity here, just in case you wondered.
With no real plan of action, I headed for the shopping mall to get a breakfast coffee and a haircut, in whatever sequence. Waiting for the slot at the hairdresser, I went to the Isetan (large Japanese department store) watch department. I have been buying watches from them regularly, so the sales staff is friendly and not pushing. I was looking at the new arrivals. New watches are normally imported into Thailand quite late due to sometimes cumbersome customs procedures and unreasonably high import taxes. Watches are luxury items in the "land of thousand smiles" and taxed accordingly.
I was glad I went there, since it was the first time I could see a Grand Seiko in stainless steel in flesh. Yes Mike (Ambs), I will buy a Grand Seiko, probably sooner then I first thought. Those are great watches to look at and to hold in the hand. Heavy, impeccable finish. The one I looked at reminded me of an older Airking. Unfortunately this watch was reserved for a customer and they were waiting for his decision to buy it. I told the sales person to call that person and ask him, whether he really wanted to buy that watch, if not, I would buy it right away. Of course the guy was not reachable, traveling somewhere in Switzerland with no mobile phone.
But now the WIS bloodhound was awake, so I looked through all the other new arrivals and decided to raise my spirits by buying my first Seiko 7S26 Titanium Diver. My other Seiko Divers are Kinetics. This seemed to be a suitable object to be carried right away to the beach in Hua Hin, a sleepy beach resort 180 km South of Bangkok, where we planned to spend the weekend.

Well, at around 4:30 PM the very same day we started to shot pictures of the new watch at the beach. Photo credits go fully to my wife Kritaya Lamsam who shot all the pictures with the E995, no tripod used. I am not sure, I could have done that equally well. I was responsible for the backgrounds, except the fishing net. I tried to use natural backgrounds along the beach with minimal changes to how I found them. E.g. all those mussel shells were laying there already, washed up and forming a line during a higher tide. Besides resizing, no PhotoShopping was done. Only the last picture of the back was slightly brightened up.