P2. Seiko Diver SKX015K -- With a Crab on the Beach in Hua Hin -- October 2001

 Seiko Automatic Stainless Steel Mid-Size Diver SKX015K, Cal. 7S26
Photos by Kritaya Lamsam
Camera: Canon IXUS 2.1 MegaPixel (Digital Elph)
Light: Daylight, morning 9:30 AM
Setup: Natural props found on the beach, a very helpful shell crab
8 pictures

About this Series, Friday October 26th, 2001
We spent another weekend in Hua Hin. This quiet sea resort is famous amongst golfers for one of the best and oldest courses in Thailand (Railway Golf Course) built by the Thai State Railway. Railway fans know about the railway station (a stone throw from the club house), a stop of the Orient Express from Bangkok to Singapore. Hua Hin is now also the permanent residence of the King of Thailand. Below are two maps, so you get an idea where this series was shot.

Last Friday morning we went to the beach to collect mussel shells for our daughter. My wife happened to carry our IXUS Digital 2.1 Megapixel and her Seiko Diver. Suddenly we found this crab with its nice house and spontaneously decided to shot some watch pictures. Sorry, those are not Coolpix pictures. I hope you will enjoy the pictures anyway.

Hua Hin, 185 km South of Krung Thep (this is the Thai name for Bangkok)