-- "Ghostly" Water Series! --
25. July 2005


Photos by Reto Castellazzi

Camera: Nikon Coolpix 995
Light: Natural Daylight, ca. 2 PM, overhead living room neon turned on for some shots
Setup: Small acrylic container filled with water, reflector cards, tripod, SureFire torch light
Decided on a tabular format for this series to have better access to the single pictures

About this Series, 25th July 2005
During the first Full Moon in the lent season 2005, I was using my laptop in Hua Hin and looked at some of my older pictures of the SKX007K2. The TFT seems to have a nasty characteristic to enhance specks and JPEG compression errors. Thus I decided to reshoot some of the pictures. I ended up with 66 new pictures of the SKX007K2 and decided to publish it as a "Picture Series" using a new tabular format.

Clicking on the thumbnail will open the big picture and then please use the back button of your browser to come back here.
The pictures are sorted chronologically (in the sequence shot)
All the pictures are unprocessed, I simply cropped them and added the watermark

It is about reflections and luminosity in this series - the setup is very simple!

This was the picture that did not look so nice
on the TFT display on the laptop

The weather was overcast and perfect for watch shooting

So I took the chance for a couple of wrist shots first

As soon as you turn the watch away from the light, the luminous agents will start to work. Europasium is used in Lumibrite and not Zinc Sulfates like in SuperLuminova

As you could see from the background of the last picture, the weather outside started to change... and soon it was pouring down

This allowed for some "moodier" and "ghostlier" shots

From a slightly flatter angle, more reflections become visible

Using the water as a magnifying glass! The inner bezel now appears to be much wider

Now I reduced the water level so it would reach exactly half of the height of the watch

The bezel of the SKX007K is simply beautiful and the ripples are really functional. They allow an easy rotation of the bezel whether wet or dry yet they are round enough not to hurt your sports play partners

The satin brush on the lugs are very well visible in this picture. Also the luminous dot on the turning bezel!

Double Reflection of the Dial: this picture shows the rule of thumb that objects under water are 25% magnified very well!

Slight variations in the viewing angle offer fascinating new pictures

Time for a break, I simply "hung" the watch on the edge of the acrylic container and shot while the water was running off

A "breathing break" shot from the side before the watch will dive again for some luminous shots in the water

I used my SureFire L2 to charge the Lumibrite, then blocked the watch's view of the window with my body and some reflector cards. The weather outside also helped!

This time I was not upset about the sudden light changes which sometimes abruptly crosses plans to shoot watches. I was happy about the pouring rain since it created the right ambient light

While the rain hammered down, there was less and less light and the lume really started to show its beauty

Now all ambient light was almost gone and the lume was really getting bright.

The rain had stopped and the clouds were opening. Offering yet another illumination of my little water tank

A new charge with the SureFire L2 torch light created this interesting reflection

And suddenly the sun was peeking through the overcast sky again. Truly an amazing variety of light during this afternoon hour!

The time was now right for the hands to offer some real kaleidoscopic pictures

And why not try some wet wrist shots? After all this is a Diver's watch!

The wet watch on the wrist from a closer position. The SKX007K2 is really a classic beauty!

Very interesting: suddenly the watch does not look like 42 mm on my 6.5 inch wrist anymore!

And what better shot then a wet luminous wrist shot to close this series with! I hope you enjoyed!

Best regards

Reto Castellazzi, Bangkok, 25th July 2005