P13. Rob B's Elgin Silver Pocket Watch
-- A close Encounter with past Craftsmanship  --
17. June 2002


Elgin Silver Pocket Watch from Rob B

Photos by Reto Castellazzi

Camera: Nikon Coolpix 995
Light: Last daylight, Series shot in 10 minutes 16:00 to 16:10
Setup: My barstool next to the window in my study and two LEGO tiles
8 pictures

About this Series, June 17th 2002
Yesterday Rob B visited us and we had a great time talking about watches and the world. Rob is really a generous and courageous person, because he left 3 pocket watches at my home, so I could photograph them. He actually said "Play around with them". I could never do that, but today I had to take some quick pictures of the silver Elgin.
I rushed the series, because I did not wanted that movement to get unnecessary dust. Only after I had bought the Coolpix 995, I started realizing how much dust is in the air everywhere, just from our clothes, you move your arm, even you wear a T-Shirt, there is an outfall of cotton fibers. It is just amazing what you can see under the sharp eyes of a digital cameras or under a microscope for that matter. I am looking forward to the days, my daughter will need one for school :-) then I can even move closer to the movements.