P9. Eterna KonTiki 7750 Chronograph 120 m -- At the Pool in Hua Hin -- 23. February 2002


Eterna KonTiki Val.7750 Chronograph 120 m
(The watch is not in my collection anymore)

Photos by Kritaya Lamsam

Camera: Nikon Coolpix 995
Light: Natural daylight, morning 10:00 - 11:30 AM
Setup: Natural background as found at the pool, the watch pictures 
not on the wrist where shot in the apartment with no reflector cards
or any other aids, no tripod was used, just watch and camera and
daylight and a frisbee as background for the indoor shots.
10 pictures

About this Series, Saturday 23rd February 2002
I was already thinking when driving from Bangkok to Hua Hin how to photograph this watch, what background to use, what props to be included to make this series special. If you shot many series already, you feel like you have to deliver something even more exciting. 
And then it turned out to be so natural and easy. I did not even really notice, what my wife was doing...I was making sure, Reya would stay in her rubber boat and my wife occasionally said, please hold the watch still. That is how those water shots were taken. I was holding Reya in her rubber boat with one arm and just stretched the watch wrist into direction of the camera. Of course I was instinctively checking, that my body would be blocking direct light ;-)
Back in the apartment I told my wife if I could get some macro shots. I told here that I was especially interested to see the tachometer scale at 65 km/h, but I did not tell her more. You will find out why, when looking at the last picture ;-)

PS The watch is not in my collection anymore