Eterna KonTiki Val.7750 Chronograph 120 m at the Pool
Photos by Kritaya Lamsam, please click on the picture to go through the series

First Stop
The signal horn (red cap in my right palm) did not work anymore. That needed immediate attention by the crew, so I disassembled that horn and Reya held on to that steering wheel. That might explain her slightly skeptical look. Yes, I know that the security clasp is open, but like this, you can see, that there is one. There is also a foldable dive extension nicely hidden under the clasp. And I do not really remember if that flip lock clasp safety opened by itself, probably, I would not play in the pool with an open lock (cutting risk). The bracelet is probably the weakest part of this watch. I almost lost it in Shanghai once due to a too small split pin. But a nice pair of pliers and a bit of a squeeze rectify this problem easily.