P4. IWC GST Titanium Chronograph 3707 003 -- On the Beach in Hua Hin -- December 2001

 IWC GST Titanium Chronograph, Cal. 7750
(IWC Cal. 3707 003)

Photos by Kritaya Lamsam & Reto Castellazzi

Camera: Canon IXUS 2.1 MegaPixel (Digital Elph)
Light: Natural daylight, morning 07:00 AM
Setup: Natural background as found on the beach, 
no modifications or additions at all
10 pictures

About this Series, Saturday, December 8th, 2001
Who cares about alarm clocks if you have young kids? It is 06:30 AM and you are just about to get one of those rare deep sleep phases and your daughter wants to go to the beach and play in the sand. After a strong breakfast coffee you start believing that this might actually be a good idea.

Amber Quartz Rock - a good Match for an Automatic Chronograph? ;-)
The real fun is to scan the ever changing beach for a nice natural stage. I always try to spot such a place and leave it as found. And this amber colored rock (Greg, will you please tell me, what kind of rock this is, thank you in advance ;-) with the nice shell seemed to be perfect for shooting some pictures. 
Greg has already answered and says, it is most likely quartz. What a nice coincidence: this GST Chronograph is in fact also available as MechaQuartz featuring the famous Jaeger LeCoultre Caliber 630: the smallest hybrid chronograph movement, combining 225 mechanical chronograph movement parts with a quartz module and a step motor. The only down-side of this nice caliber is that it contains a battery. My wife's DaVinci Chronograph features the same movement and if you see that tiny watch, then you can understand the technical brilliance of producing such a small caliber. And in that Ladies' DaVinci Chronograph with the tiny screw-down crown, the battery makes sense. My wife being a latent WIS (latent WIS: a WIS that gets the watches from the partner and thus starts showing WIS syndroms) owns several watches and it would not be very wise to combine the tiny screw-down crown with an automatic movement in absence of a watch winder.

What does GST stand for?
I first thought it would stand for 'Greenwich Standard Time' and posted that wrongly in my essay on TimeZone which basically consisted of the same text and photos found in this series. Jeff Beck from Austin, Texas, was so friendly to let me know, that GST stands for all the materials the GST series are offered: Gold, Steel and Titanium.
GST as an abbreviation is obviously also used for 'Greenwich-Standard-Time' (487 Google hits on December 11th 2001) and to add to the confusion also for 'Greenwich-Sidereal-Time' (295 Google hits on the same day).
Thank you Jeff for helping me to keep this web site "clean" ;-)