P10. Seiko SKX419K and SKX405K -- Violent Crabs attack Innocent Divers in Hua Hin (6) -- 2. March 2002

Seiko SKX419K and SKX405K, both Caliber 7S26

Photos by Reto Castellazzi

Camera: Nikon Coolpix 995
Light: Indoor regular overhead fluorescent light
(two regular not color corrected Philips tubes 40 W)
Setup: Location indoor, 2 iron cast crabs, one white mussel shell,
Kleenex tissue box as an improvised tripod, no other aids
and no reflector cards used. All pictures shot of identical setup
on stage
6 pictures (incl. 1 picture of setup)

About this Series, Saturday March 2nd, 2002
My daughter and wife went to bed early as usual, the beach and sun is very tiring in Hua Hin. Thus I suddenly realized I could use the whole apartment as my photo studio. Those two large iron cast crabs from the living room were always reminding me, I should use them for a photo series. This was the chance!
The biggest problem was the lack of a tripod that is really helpful when shooting close-ups in not ideal light conditions. Finally a Kleenex tissue box turned out to be a reasonable flexible improvised tripod.
Since I was afraid that my watches could suffer from this cannibalistic feast, I was very careful during the setup and did not change the setup after all. Instead I tried to shot the pictures from different angles to "simulate" the progress of the watches being "eaten". This was the fastest series I ever shot, 65 minutes including setup, shooting, processing of the pictures, hosting and posting.