P12. Timex Quartz Chronograph
-- Arrival of a true "Poor" Man's Watch --
7. June 2002


Timex Quartz Chronograph from CAMPMOR

Photos by Reto Castellazzi

Camera: Nikon Coolpix 995
Light: Fluorescent Desklamp, no reflector cards, no other aids
Setup: Shot quickly on the dining table
14 pictures

About this Series, June 7th 2002
At first I did not even notice the box on the dining table. Our maid had quietly placed it there and I can not oversea it from my study where I sit most of the day in front of my computer. Where else... :-)
It had arrived! Luckily I decided to document this arrival of a true "Poor" Man's watch, even I felt like not wasting any time to get that "thing" sized and on my wrist! I had seen to many posts on PMWF already, and I was really eager to put one on myself now! And here it was in the box in front of me. I was really curious how it would look and feel in person. And from the big knife you can see, I did not waste time unnecessarily in opening that box...

PS This series is not so much about photographic artistry then about expressing the joy about receiving a very inexpensive watch.