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Watches with material problems or poor factory finish are  marked in light orange

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How to resize a Monster or Samurai bracelet with link pins using collars or sleeves
How to set Year, Month, Day on a Perpetual Calendar 8F32 / 8F56 (GMT) AFTER A BATTERY REPLACEMENT?

How to read Seiko Reference and Movement Numbers

Faulty Kinetic Capacitors - my experience

How to change the Capacitor of a SEIKO 5M42 Kinetic

Thanks to Brett B., USA - An explanation of the "Wave Logo" on the Diver's back and a Water Resistance Chart

Seiko Automatic Titanium Diver SKX423K, Cal. 7S26
Front Dial Crown/Bezel Close-up/Bezel Side Back On Wrist


Seiko Automatic Diver Stainless Steel Cal. 7S26, Mens: SKX007K2, Ladies: SKX015K
The SKX007K2 went to a friend in 2007, it was just too big for my skinny wrist
In Water In Water Front Front Side by side Stacked Spoon Position
Beach Series with Crab (Photos Kritaya) of Seiko Mid-Size Diver
"Ghostly" Water Series of SKX007K
Group pictures SKX423K (orange), SKX007K2 (black), SKX015K(mid size)
Front Glowing in the Dark Group from Side Back




Seiko Automatic Titanium Diver SKX405K, Cal.7S26
Front and oldest
PMWF Banner
Dial Bezel Dial Close-up Back On Wrist
Picture Series "Black Gabbro Stone" of this Watch
Seiko Automatic Stainless Steel Diver SKX419K, Cal.7S26 + SKX007K2
On Stand Front Dial Detail Front Top View Top View Back Wrist 4 pics >>>
SKX419K Wrist Shots 2004
Wrist Side Lume RIP Z20


Titanium Alarm Chronograph, ca. 1995
Caliber 7T32B, Battery Renata 395 or Maxell SR927SW 
Front Back Movt Wrist
2 Tone Alarm Chronograph, ca. 1996
Caliber 7T32B, Battery Renata 395 or Maxell SR927SW 
Front Back Movt Wrist




Military-style Alarm Chronograph, ca. 1995
Caliber 7T42B, Battery Renata 395 or Maxell SR927SW
Front Back Movt Wrist


Intelligent Calendar Sports 150
Caliber 6M32, Battery Renata 395 or Maxell SR927SW
Front Back Movt Wrist


World Timer Chronograph with scrolling LED
Battery Renata 390 or
Front Back Movt Wrist


World Timer Chronograph - Discovery Series, 1993
Caliber 6M15 Battery Renata 395 or Maxell SR927SW
Front Back Movt Wrist


Perpetual Calendar - Discovery Series, 1991
Caliber 6M13, Battery Renata 395 or Maxell SR927SW
Front and Calendar
Back Movement
How to reset
Kinetic Luminous World Map - Discovery Series, 1994
Caliber Kinetic 6M22 Case 6B00
Front with Lume Front Back Wrist


Seiko "Macchina Sportiva" (Sports Machine) by Giugiaro, 1996
Caliber 7T32B, Battery Renata 395 or Maxell SR927SW
Front Back Movt Reset Wrist




First Kinetic - used for years in advertising, 1984
Caliber Kinetic 5M23 Case 6B70
Front Back Wrist


First Kinetic Diver 150m Caliber 5M23 Case 6B50, 1994
Front Closer Frontal Back Back Crown Side Wrist Wrist Side


2-Tone Kinetic Diver 200 m Caliber 5M42 Case 0B60, manufactured July 1996
Front Dial Back Back Crown Side Wrist Better Dial Color
in this Photo


Actura Kinetic Chronograph, 1999,
Limited edition, found in Hong Kong, Geneva watch shop, Chatham Road
Caliber 9T82 Case 0A20
Front Crown Side Front Opposite Side Full View
Singapore STUFF
Side Back Buckle
First Kinetic Actura, 1997
Caliber Kinetic 5M42 Case 0E40
Front with Lume Front Top Back Wrist


Kinetic Titanium (bought in Bangkok 1996)
Front Front (new photo) Side Back   Wrist Closer


Kinetic Titanium Bi-Color (bought in Switzerland 1996)
Front Dial Back Wrist
Kinetic Titanium Bi-Color
Day Date (bought in Singapore 1998)
Front Front (new photo) Side Back Wrist Wrist Side


First AutoRelay Mid-Size, 1999
 Caliber 5J22 Case 0A30
Front Side Back Wrist




My "1st time in Tokyo Watch" - Titanium Perpetual Calendar SLL017P1, Part I, 1999
Cal. 8F32, Battery CR2412

 5 Pictures & Story >>>
Older Shots from 2001

Front Side Top Side Standing 3 Wrist Photos>>>
Titanium Perpetual Calendar SLL017P1, Part II
Cal. 8F32, Battery CR2412
Back Crown Setting Instructions >>> Battery removed Movement Zoom 8F32 Sticker Rubber Part 4H37-BA8 died
First Perpetual Calendar 2100 GMT, 1999
 Caliber 8F56 Case 0030, Battery CR 2412 (see setting instructions 8F32 above)
Front Back Back



And this is my most expensive Seiko besides the Grand Seiko (see there)

Seiko Flightmaster 6S37 Titanium Column Wheel Chronograph

In the Box Dial Zoom 1 Zoom 2 Back Balance Wrist Closer
"Airport" Picture Series with the Flightmaster
Flightmaster compared to SKX007K
Front &
Front Top Top

You might have guessed it already, yes, I like Seikos, even my Alarm Clock is a Seiko ;-)

Seiko Alarm Clock with EL Backlight
Alarm Clock Luminous Dial

And my daughter's musical wall clock is of course a SEIKO too ;-)

Seiko Musical Wall Clock with Figurines and 12 Melodies
Closed Front Open Front 10/11o'clock Figurine

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Two watches which are not in my possession, but have yet a special meaning (see Notes below) and the first watch below started my Seiko Automatic collecting. I only had Seiko Quartz and Kinetics before. The SKX421 was my first Seiko Automatic 7S26 watch.

1) Philip's Watch
The Seiko 5 actually belongs to my son Philip who bought it in July 2001 here in Bangkok. This pictures are so memorable, because we spent half a day trying to get a sharp picture. Using daylight outside the house (hot!), using a tripod and the timer of the camera. The Digital IXUS 2.1 MegaPixel camera at first just would not focus at all. Those were the very tough beginnings of my watch photography and I am very glad, that I have such a patient son. He could not have inherited that from his father!

Philip's Seiko 5 
Front Back

2) Alfred's Seiko Titanium Diver
Seeing Alfred's eyes glooming when first seeing this Titanium Diver I had to give it to him. I replaced this watch with the same watch but sporting an orange dial and a bracelet instead of the rubber strap. But since I missed the black face and the rubber strap, I also bought a black face stainless steel Military Diver. Actually two, one for Kritaya as well.

 Alfred's Seiko Automatic Titanium Diver SKX421K, Cal. 7S26
Beach Series Hua Hin (Photos Kritaya) of this Watch


Watches that left my collection and went to friends:


Seiko Diver 200 M SKX779K, Cal.7S26
 Sold February 2003 to a Thai watch friend that needed one urgently. I was lucky to replace it with the "Yellow Monster"
SKZ203K1 46/300 thanks to my daughter
sprinting to take the call from SEIKO. A minute later, the watch would have gone to the next on the list
Front and Story Close-up Front Close-up On Wrist 1 On Wrist 2 Disco Edition :-)
How to resize this Monster's bracelet, the trick with the sleeves!


My Seiko 5 "See Through" Asian Edition only
Went as a gift to a watch friend, he liked the Railroad style so much, so I let it go. And also interesting, giving away watches is almost as fun as getting new ones
Front Dial Side Back Movement 7S26
Very BIG Picture!
Wrist With Boxes


SKX007K Wrist Shots 2004
Went to a watch friend in Summer 2007. The SKX419K is
better suited for my small wrist. While the SKX007K is a real classic,
 it was not very comfy to wear for me
Front Side Lume "Meatball" Discussion
3 pictures

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