Seiko Automatic Diver SKX779K Stainless Steel, Cal. 7S26

Favorite Seiko, and then I sold it, crazy? Not really. The very nice Thai watch board Siam Naliga (mostly in Thai language) had made a collective order from the Thai general distributor for SEIKO, Muang Thong (Golden Town). Unfortunately, there were not enough Monsters for all Thai WIS available. I had bought my second black Monster for Tommy T.S. and brought it back for him at my cost from HK. I also sold this watch at my cost to Khun Khachit, who really wanted the watch. We met at 11 PM! Real WIS, no time to late to hand over a watch! Right now I have many black Monsters on my sales site, so I feel I can replace it anytime. But my first black Monster that really ignited the Monster fever and I guess also helped creating the term "Monster" and the cult status of those SKX779/781K (orange) Monsters. Today they are normally referred to as BM and OM, especially on the "Poor Man's" Watch Forum. This is the first watch that let my private collection, my private watches are not normally for sale, but this was a very special situation. Khun Khachit desperately (I hope he agrees too) wanted it, so I gave him mine. I have many more SEIKO Divers to wear.

My favorite Seiko!
I remember when I first saw the 779 on TimeZone (before the existence of PMWF), I thought "Just plain ugly!". Then about 6 months later, I was ready :-) I had to have one too. I was able to find a good deal in Hong Kong and every since, this has been my favorite Seiko. Yes, I still love my Flightmaster, but that is a completely different watch. It is more fragile, it is Titanium and I guess it is more prone to scratches. The 779 however, is a vademecum for any kind of adventure and it is my first choice of dive watch when I go to the pool with Reya, because if you have to take care of a child in the pool, there will always be some unexpected risks for a watch, metal pool ladder, metal parts on swim accessories etc. And that is where the 779 comes in, I feel it can take it all and this is one of the rare watches I think it would even look great with some "scars".