Seiko Automatic Diver SKX419K compared to SKX007K2, both Stainless Steel, Cal. 7S26
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The Comparison
I found that quite many watch fanatics might be torn between a smaller diver and a real big diver, like the SKX007K2. That is why I photographed the two watches together and I will also compare the dimensions. The length of both watches is interestingly identical: 45 mm, the SKX419K (left) is 38.5 mm wide exclusive crown and the SKX007K2 is 42 mm wide without crown. Most noticeable of course the crown position of the 200 m diver at 4 o'clock. Brandon Sparks (the friendly moderator of the Equation of Time Watch Discussion) made a good comment: the black bezel makes the SKX007K2 even look bigger. How right he is.
The weight of the SKX007K2 is of course bigger, I did not weigh the watches yet, but might add those figures later. If we only had more time to do everything we wish to do...
Found that out after wearing the watch for a day only: the SKX419K bezel is bi-directional where as the SKX007K2 is unidirectional as it is customary for real dive watches. But the turning resistance of the SKX419K's bezel is quite big so there is not much danger of "losing" minutes while diving. I normally use the bezel to time things only, so the bi-directional bezel is not really a disadvantage for me.