Seiko Automatic Diver SKX419K Stainless Steel, Cal. 7S26

The Back
shows the "baby" divers logo, or if you wish, the older Seiko diver logo. The newer logo is elevated and more plastic. You could see a comparison of both logos if you go through the comparison series of this watch with the larger SKX007K2. My biggest criticism is the stiff strap. The lug with is only 20 mm, but the strap of the 22 mm SKX007K2 is more convenient. The newer Seiko divers feature a rubber strap with more flex grooves. Interestingly this watch shows 3 straight flex grooves (the new divers have wave-shaped grooves) on the 12 side and only 2 grooves on the 6 side. Right now after 2 days of wearing the watch, the rubber strap is unpleasantly stiff. I hope it will break-in later and become more flexible.