Seiko Automatic Diver SKX007K2 Cal. 7S26

Daylight at the time on the watch

August 2004, date on the watch: came back from a swim at the British Club Bangkok and realized that I had fallen in love again with the SKX007K. It is such a pleasure to look at. I find it is one of the biggest WIS pleasures to swim breast stroke (I am not a good crawler/freestyle swimmer) and to glance at the watch wearing goggles. The water will magnify the watch by ca. 25% so also the older folks will see the dial clearly. Between the rounds of swimming, I threw a couple of baskets and found that the rubber strap is perfect for a little ball play. I used to wear the SKX779K when swimming and practicing basket ball at the club but noticed, that the Monster's crown would bite the back of my wrist. Not the SKX007K. The rubber keeps it in perfect place. Thus when I came home that day, I had to shoot a couple of wrist shots as a memory of the resurrected love affair which started in September 2001 when I bought my first Seiko Diver SKX421K.