Perpetual Calendar - Discovery Series, Caliber 6M13, 1991

Christopher Columbus' Ship
again on this case back commemorating the 500th year of the Discovery of the New World. Actually a bit too early The production date of this watch is August 1991, but of course, until the watches were on the shelves in Switzerland, the year 1992 had long begun.
By the way, the case back is a high polish and I was not careless with it, but those hairlines you see, are literally "hair lines" cut by the hair on the wrist. Hairs can have very sharp edges and under a Stereoscope you will be able to see clearly what kind of "damage" they can do to your watches. No need to shave the wrists now, that would make matters even worse after 2 days. If you have a gold watch and want to sell it as brand new, then do not wear the watch, it can be easily seen afterwards. Also a steel watch having been worn for a couple of weeks  - even with utmost care or in the house only - will show those "hairlines" on the back, definitely on the polished parts of the back. And even a steel watch will show clear traces of sharp edges of your fingers if it has been wound. You will immediately believe this if you have seen your skin under 40 x magnification. There are lots of sharp edges too!