Seiko Automatic Diver Titanium SKX405K Cal. 7S26

Nice changeant Champagne Dial
This is the watch that made me think when I bought the orange face Seiko SKX423K. I had a look at both those watches and could not really decide. Since I knew, I liked the bezel shape of the SKX421K (black face with rubber strap), I went for the SKX423K with orange face. But actually I also like this more classic bezel a lot. The real winner after possessing the watch is the dial. Even I had big concern about its readability first. No problem to read it at all, at almost any light. The dial throws back a lot of light and is still readable in dim light. And the changing color affect is really nice. A great detail is again the slightly tinted circular second hand extension (similarly the SKX423K had an orange tone there). And I love that black second hand, it contrasts very nicely to the greenish dial. The watch looks a lot more elegant then the other Seiko divers.