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How to resize a Monster or Samurai bracelet with link pins using collars or sleeves
How to set Year, Month, Day on a Perpetual Calendar 8F32 / 8F56 (GMT) AFTER A BATTERY REPLACEMENT?

How to read Seiko Reference and Movement Numbers

Faulty Kinetic Capacitors - my experience

How to change the Capacitor of a SEIKO 5M42 Kinetic

Thanks to Brett B., USA - An explanation of the "Wave Logo" on the Diver's back and a Water Resistance Chart


Seiko 5
Caliber 7S26C
FrontDial Caliber 7S26C Wrist


Seiko Anniversary Edition 1983 - 2013 Reference Number SRP503K1
Caliber 4R36
FrontDial Back Band Buckle Hanging Tag Wrist
The Arrival: 6309 and 7015A
from Tim on Jan 26th 2009


Seiko 7015A-6010S Caliber 7015A automatic Chronograph with Flyback, ca. 1978 from Tim
(manufactured by DAINI SEIKOSHA)
Article from Don
Crown Side
Setting Instructions
3 o'clock Side Back and Movt. InformationOther Side Cal. 7015A Other Side WristSide


Seiko 6309-735M R (Suwa Symbol) Caliber 6309, Case 7290, ca. 1977 from Tim on Olongapo (Philippines) bracelet
(manufactured by SUWA SEIKOSHA)
Isthmus Article
Dial MarkingBackCrown SideSide 3 o'clock Cal. 6309WristTop ViewCloser Olongapo Clasp


Seiko 7005-8022W Caliber 7005A with original SEIKO replacement bracelet 7005-8022W
(manufactured by DAINI SEIKOSHA)
FrontDial 8100SClaspSideBackMovt Wrist
Found this watch on the Flea Market, the Story is here
Find a Service Report of this Watch here
Read Rob B's great Review of the 7005 here


Friday's 13th do not always have to be bad... got this great Seiko as a gift from my friend Jose (jetan) on November, Friday 13th in 2003, thank you Jose!

Seiko Automatic (Swiss Model) Cal. 4205 SUG153K1
Front and StorySide Back WristWrist Closer Current strap: Morellato, water resistant From the Side The Buckle


Seiko SKZ203K1 "The Yellow Monster" - Thai Limited Edition 046/300
Caliber 7S26, 21 Jewels, not handwinding, not hacking
How to resize this Monster's bracelet, the trick with the sleeves!
Front and the lucky storyBox Back Wrist Yellow Monday
Seiko Samurai "The Ninja" SNM017K1 - Thai Limited Edition 021/500 2006
Caliber 7S36, 23 Jewels (very smilar to 7S26, 3 additional jewels in the autmoatic winding system), not handwinding, not hacking
The Samurai has longer and easier to install sleeves, link leads you to the Monster resizing instructions
Front and Story Box and PapersThe Limited Edition BoxThe Ninja and Yellow Monster glowing More unprocessed glowing340 grams of resized SeikosBacks All links provided by the factoryDiver's extensionThe Back
Seiko Samurai "The Ninja" SNM017K1 continued
Front TopFront CloserDialDial with Lume WristDial Texture Not too high on a small wristWrist side Clasp


Kinetic (and AGS, Automatic Generating System)

One of the first Seiko AGS Sports Elegance 1988
Wrist Display Back



ANA branded Seiko 7T92 1/20th Second Chronograph, model "Happy Flight" 2008
Front Side Back Threaded crown Gift Box Resizing Tool
and use on plane
Collar and Pin Wrist Closer Side and

In the same case as the AGS above, one of my all-time favorite Alarm-Chrono-Timers! Very small by today's standards

The first Alarm-Chrono-Timer, SQ100, 1988
Caliber 7T42, Battery SR927SW
FrontBack Movt


Seiko 6F24 Tidal Chronometer Seiko Sports 150
with Manual
TopFront 2 SideDial with Manual Dial Zoom Back Movement
(SW 920)
Tidal Setting Instructions
Seiko Criteria Limited Edition SNA299P1 Pilot's Watch with Slide Ruler, November 2003
Front Dial Clasp BackOpen MovtWrist
Seiko Sportura 100 m World Time Alarm Chronograph
Caliber H023A, Battery SEIKO SR1130W (Renata 390)
FrontBack BackBack OpenMovt H023A Wrist
Seiko 150 2 Tone Sports Alarm Chronograph, Timer, 1991, bought 1995
Caliber 7T42, Battery SR927SW
Front DialBack Movement 7T42 Wrist
Seiko 150 Moonphase Chronograph with Date Hand, ca. 1992
Caliber 7T36, Battery Renata 395 or SR927SW
Front and StoryBack



Seiko's first Alarm Timer Chrono with turning selector
Caliber 8M25, ca. 1991, original battery was a leaking Seikazin 920 (ARGH!) which killed the movement!
Front BackMovt


Seiko's first 1/10th Chronograph Alarm Timer ca. 1992
Caliber 6M25A, battery SR1130W
Front Dial Back Top Box Back Movt 6M25A Reset Instr. Wrist
Seiko SQ50 AutoCalendar Multifunction via Crown
Caliber 6M26A, Battery Renata 395 or Maxell SR927SW
Front Front 2 Bracelet Wrist Back Movt

SEIKO Digital Wall Clock (the "London Pneumonia" Clock)

Radio Controlled SEIKO Calendar Hygrometer Thermometer Alarm Digital Wall Clock, Kanji Display (Japanese only) May 2005 (Labor Day Holiday)
Picture with some Thai ceramics Back with Sensor openings and setting buttons

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Watches that left my collection and went to friends


Seiko 5 SNXE37K Caliber 7S26A with original SEIKO replacement hands, ca. 2003
(not the same style as the original, hands replaced August 2005)
The fact that the bezel was not turning bothered me, so giving it away was easy
The Story
(long, plus strap photo)
Dial Another Angle Top Back Zoom Movement Crown View Movement Balance View


Seiko 5 SNXE37K continued
Wrist (new hands) Wrist (original hands)


Seiko 5 Sports Re-Issue 1997 Cal. 7S36
The watch is big but due to a flat case very convenient to wear despite its huge size. Still, it looked too big on my skinny wrist
Front Wrist

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