Vintage SEIKO 7005-8022, ca. 1974

The acrylic crystal must have been replaced not too long ago ...
Otherwise it could not be so new and glossy. The rest of the watch case is a bit beaten, but there are no severe damages. The movement is now ticking happily with a new balance and I hope it will continue to do so for years to come. These SEIKO movements are robust and really easy to disassemble and I am really happy that this overhaul went so well. Of course I was happy to have Rob's review and service of the movement at hands, that made it even easier!
If you looked at the dial picture of the watch, you will also notice that I cleaned the watch hands. There was some film on the hands. I placed the hands on a bit of Rodico and used a Q-tip and carefully wiped the hands and the outcome was really nice. So nice that I decided to keep the original hands on the watch, I was first playing with the thought of adding luminous SEIKO hands. But these hands seemed to be a great aesthetic match and this was also a reason why I decided to refurbish and keep them.