Vintage SEIKO 6309-735M R, ca. 1977 (from Tim)

The sexiness of Olongapo bracelets...
I was quite surprised that my wife liked the Olongapo bracelet so much. Olongapo is the name of a town in the Philippines. Please read the Wikipedia entry about Olongapo. Adjacent to the city is the Subic Bay Freeport Zone which was a US naval base until 1992.
During my travels to the Philippines I often had the impression that Philippinos and Thais show the same ingenious sense of creating small businesses. They must have realized that the stock rubber bands and the bracelets of the Seikos on the wrists of US sailors and troops needed to be replaced. Typically for the talented workmen, they did not simply sell spare parts, but came up with these unique two-piece bracelets often bearing the arms of the troops on either side. Google around "Olangapo bracelet" and you will find a lot of additional information about this kind of bracelet.