SQ 50 Auto Calendar Multi-Function 6M26-8050, ca. 1996

Seiko Multi Function via Crown

Bought in 1996 at the Sogo Department store in Bangkok. At that time, the world was still in tact for Sogo, who later almost crashed entirely. Sogo used to have good Seiko prices in Bangkok and sometimes even Japan only models could be found. I do not know exactly whether this model had been sold outside Japan. Only a post of Lee on PMWF reminded me, that I had forgotten about this watch and that it was not documented at all on my watch site.
The luminosity is very good after 6 years of sleeping in the safe mostly and the slight green reflection originates from the trees in the garden.
Turning the crown toggles through all the functions: Date, Alarm, Chronograph and Timer. The window normally reserved for the day shows the different functions. The pushers at 8 and 10 are used to set Alarm and Timer and serve also as start and stop buttons for the chronograph.