SQ 50 Auto Calendar Multi-Function 6M26-8050, ca. 1996

There is no other Bracelet like this :-)

At least not to much knowledge. If you look closely you will notice that all the bracelet links can be removed. Disadvantage, all the links have pin holes, advantage, the looks of the links are homogenous. Also you will have no problems adjusting it to a very tiny wrist. Mine is 6.5 inch or 16.5 cm and I often have to compromise when adjusting the bracelet. I prefer the clasp to be closer to the 6 o'clock side since I feel that this way the watch sits safer in the middle on the wrist. If the part at 6 o'clock is too long, the watch tends to "hang" on the back edge of the wrist. The old problem with older Rolex and Tudor bracelets which allow only 3 links to be removed from the 6 o'clock side.