SQ 100 Alarm Chronograph 1988

I still remember the Day I bought this watch as if it were yesterday :-)
It was on a April 30st 1988, I had been in the office on Saturday morning (quite usual if you work for a computer company, Saturdays and Sundays are the quiet days you can actually think in the office) and I had bought this watch in the afternoon, just before the shops were closing.
Sunday 1st May 1988 was a cold an foggy day, far too cold for the season and nothing would tell, that the public swimming pools would open soon - which happens normally during the 2nd or 3rd Sunday in May in Switzerland. But a cold and foggy day is perfect for hiking. Equipped with my latest toy, I walked along a pretty lake "Greifensee" near Zurich. This was one of my standard tours on weekends. I left my home, walked along the lake and took the train back to Zurich. But this hike was special, during the 4 hours that tour normally takes, I had a chance to play with all the functions! The tour normally seemed to be fairly lengthy, but this time, the time really flew, despite my eyes staring at the watch all the time :-)
This watch had not only a 12 hour chronograph, but also a 30 minute timer. I have only rarely seen other Seiko Alarm Chronographs with a timer function. And the subdial is quite confusing, the 30 minute timer will display the remaining minutes and when the last minute is reached, it will countdown the seconds as well. Just in case, you tried to figure out the meaning of the markings at the 12 o'clock subdial.
Last but not least, the design of this watch became very popular and Seiko issued a plentitude of models based on this SE (sports elegance) line. Sounds familiar? Heuer also once promoted a S/EL (sports elegance line).