Seiko SKZ203K1 Limited Edition 46/300, August 2004

Yellow Monday!
I would have never thought that I would wear "YELLOW" every Monday to demonstrate my support for the King! But with the coup from last Tuesday September 19th 2006, this has changed.
As a Swiss national, one is not really a royalist, simply because our national legend starts with the shooting of one of our royal Habsburgian suppressors. Friedrich Schiller's play "Willhelm Tell" became sort of "factual history". Thus Swiss are probably not really the easiest to win for supporting a monarch!
However, this country, having been economically battered for 10 years now, really needs his King. He is the integrator and morale role model in a society that has been driven by greed mostly. He is the one that permanently reminds that there are higher values then self enrichment by ruthless business play or political charades and law bending.
Given the urgent need for political stability until we have a democratically elected new government, I am of course happy to sport "YELLOW!" on Mondays, along with thousands of locals.

PS The Buddhist week has a color for each weekday. Yellow is the royal color and the color for Monday.