Seiko SKZ203K1 Limited Edition 46/300, August 2004

Limited Edition 046/300

On Friday 6th I went to the Bangkok Watch World 2004 and added my name to the waiting list for the "Yellow Monster". To be honest, I never expected to get a call. On Saturday 7th, while I was writing a report about my fair visit, the phone rang. I would have never made that phone, but heard my daughter running and picking it up. "Daddy, this is for you". 30 minutes later I was in the taxi to get the watch from the other end of town :-) Thank you Reya!

of the Monsters are plenty, so I do not want to write yet another one. Definitely one of the greatest low budget Diver's Seiko has built. A fantastic piece! The limited edition features a Sapphire crystal in addition and an interestingly shaped loupe covering the day and date window. A small inscription of the back with the serial of the limited run and of course a differently colored dial and hour chapter ring. The rest is the same, well, the box is a bit more luxurious too. I have only one criticism - the white hands do not give a great contrast on the yellow dial. I am wearing the watch mostly in darker light conditions, so this has not really reduced my joy over this "Yellow Monster". But I have observed when swimming, it was quite hard to read the time with foggy goggles in very bright daylight. But of course, the time a "normal WIS" (probably an oxymoron) reads the time from a wet watch are rather limited.