SEIKO Digital Wall Radio Controlled Clock - Calendar, Hygrometer, Thermometer, May 2005

Friday the 13th, 2005, the time display is universal :) - Thursday is the Kanji sign next to 13

Dear all (copy of post on from May 13th, 2005)

After our daughter's encounter with London April weather and a resulting pneumonia, I decided to equip each room with a hygrometer/thermometer. Thus on the compensation bank holiday of the labor day May 2nd when I got the VENTURA Loga I had already 3 of these SEIKO clocks in the bag... and did not tell anyone about it on  ;-)

Calendar, Hygrometer and Thermometer. Since we are living in AC for most of the time, I wanted to avoid too low humidity and I want to control the temperature in every room. May Sales was on at a large mall and since these SEIKO clocks display the date only in Japanese (Kanji - Chinese script, one of Japan's scripts), they were reduced and for sale.

The CLOCKS run at +8 seconds per month, are easy to read and a please to read out. I was of course putting them all in the same location first to see whether temperature and hygrometer display were about the same. There are for openings in the back of the case for the temperature/humidity sensors. The manual is only in Japanese, but who cares if the setting is so easy.

Since my daughters ancestors were from China too, I want here to read at least some words in Chinese, thus these clocks seem ideal.

What I did not understand was, that the hospital my daughter spent a night, had no temperature indication in the room. Every time I went to visit her, it was either too hot and too cold. So I brought my home thermometer and calibrated the room control and made markings on the Honeywell wall mounted control. The offset from the AC control to the room temperature was 5 degrees Celsius. And this hospital says "World Class Service" every 5 meters in their long aisles. I went to talk to the management and said "Please do not simply copy ads and prices from US hospitals, please also copy their level of service!". I trust in a children's department in a good US hospital, there would be a room air thermometer. On our request to get one for our daughter's room, nada, zero... not even the hospital shop offered them for sale. Thus the May Day sale was just right.

See how a WIS can exploit pneumonia and family history to buy watches! :)

Best regards