Seiko 5 SNXE37K with modified Hands, ca. 2003

Original Hands (picture from watch for sale from PMWC!) and also 100% luminous dots at the hour markers. You can see that the lume on this watch already starts to kick in in the area 6 to 10 o'clock where the direct sunlight is blocked by the bezel. The watch below still has sufficient lume in darkness, but the dots do not kick in the same way.

My modified 5 with original SEIKO replacement hands

Easy to see that this is not the same watch
I unpacked the perfect watch from the PMWC stock to take a comparison wrist shot. I think both hands look great! "My" new hands give the watch a different look. The original hands look more elegant and a fraction of the minute is probably easier to read with the more pointed hands. "My" new hands give the watch a somewhat "older" look. On 70ies divers one could often find similar hands. Another hands change project was a Mirexal Diver where I used the same style of hands. Only that these hands (the looks are almost identical to the SEIKO hands used here) on the Mirexal Diver are Swiss Made. The old hands on the Mirexal Diver had started to show cracks and I was worried that the lume could fall onto the dial and then leave stains.