Seiko SQ100 - Alarm-Chrono-Timer, Cal. 7T42

Sunday May 1st 1988
I used the watch for the first time to walk around the "Greifensee", a little lake near Zurich city. Once the lake was so polluted by the nearby industries, that it had been declared "dead". Then some environmentally concerned groups pushed for recovery measures. Today Thousands flock to take the nice walk around the lake. There is also the option of walking half the distance starting from a large car park. That is where I normally started, the walk to the little village Greifensee (Schwerzenbach, train station) took around 2 hours.
And starting from our Digital Equipment office in Oerlikon, I could do this whole trip with public transportation in exactly 4 hours. I worked most of the Saturday and Sundays, and sometimes when the weather seemed right, I then took 4 hours off in the afternoon to return to the office again with my batteries (not watch batteries, it was a bit early for solar watches from Citizen) fully recharged. And if you have a new and exciting watch to bring along, then you barely notice how long you walk, I remember having had some problems playing with all the functions while walking. People might have been wondering what is the guy doing out here in the nature if all he watches is his watch :)

PS This design was one of the longest running Seiko designs, the so called Sports Elegance (SEL), Heuer later also had a Sports Elegance line.

PS 2 The watch looks a lot better then in this rather crappy picture from Easter 2002