Seiko Criteria Limited Edition SNA299P1 Pilot's Watch with Slide Ruler

Interesting Dial Marking: MOV'T JAPAN and 7T62-0CZ8 HR

What can we interpret here? For one, the watch is most likely assembled in China or Singapore or at another location. Seiko does not really reveal where its watches are manufactured. And is of course not alone with this policy. If the watch was made in Japan, it would most likely say JAPAN MADE on it. 7T62 is the caliber or movement number (T stands for alarm Quartz chronographs, S for automatics, M, J for Kinetics etc.). 0CZ8 is the dial number. I have no idea however what HR stands for.

Slide Ruler

I find the resistance on the slide ruler a bit to weak, would have preferred a slightly stronger resistance. But I have noticed, since the crown for turning it is at 9 o'clock (the watch being originally designed to be worn on the right arm) I will take it off to play with it. Also unfortunately the long computer hours have finally demanded a toll on my eyes and I have to wear my reading glasses to make proper calculations. But it is a lot of fun to play with a slide ruler watch, something maybe not even all WIS (watch idiot savants) can understand. We had circular slide rulers at our college and since we had a quite intensive training then, I still have not forgotten how to use them. Interestingly the manual does not even give instructions how to use it :-) But here is an advantage of having multiple watches. The slide ruler is identical to my Citizen NaviHawk and that manual gives a lot of instructions. The second scale on the inner ring with the hour and minute indications is to calculate flight time.
And also very elegant, the white on black date and finally a dark SEIKO dial without a date frame. Compliments to the designers!