SEIKO's Alarm Timer Chronograph with crown-controlled Selector, Caliber 8M25

Movement 8M25 a victim of a leaking SEIKAZIN 920 battery!
The dark area just below the battery means BAD NEWS! Not only had the battery leaked, but because I was stupid or careless enough to leave it in the watch for a long time, it had had time to flow into the movement. Normally leaking battery acid shows as a sticky layer of crystals. I had never seen this dark green almost black color. I will have to replace this movement. I guess I was lucky in my negligence (of only replacing Quartz watch batteries whenever I wanted to wear a certain Quartz watch again) that only one of probably around 100 watches was destroyed. After this experience, I am replacing or removing empty batteries in the very moment of detection. Also I guess in the shock of this discovery on 4th November 2003, I must have forgotten to take a back shot. I will do that, once I got the movement replaced.