SEIKO's Alarm Timer Chronograph with crown-controlled Selector, Caliber 8M25

Movement 8M25 a victim of a leaking SEIKAZIN 920 battery!
I am still looking for the Cal. 8M25 and hope to be able to restore that SEIKO. I have not tried that 8M25 with the exact battery type yet since I did not have that type in stock in November 2003. But if the voltage is matching (most watch cells are 1.5 V), you can test a Quartz watch with any battery size. Just be careful if you insert too small batteries, the watch might run erratically since the too small or too flat  battery will not always make good contact. Worse even, too high batteries might leak a lot easier. Because pressure on the battery case is due to my experience the single most frequent reason (besides age or sloppy manufacturing of course) for batteries to leak. The best way is definitely to get the proper battery type from a reliable manufacturer like Maxell or Renata.