Seiko ANA Cal. 7T92 "Happy Flight" 2008

Resizing the bracelet was a piece of cake
Using the supplied pin pusher (with ANA logo texture). The collar of the link pin is actually a small spring. The link pin can be easily pushed out using the supplied. tool. I resized the watch on the folding table of the 747 and removed the links in a matter of minutes.

The first link pin is removed and the bracelet is separated

Using the pin pusher with the All Nippon Airways stripes to push out the second link pin

After 5 to 10 minutes, the watch is perfectly resized. One has to be careful though not to lose the little springs that serve as a collar in the middle link part and retain the link pin in position. Despite that, a very clever and easy to use mechanism. I had never seen it before on a SEIKO. Maybe it has been designed for this watch sold on board of ANA so resizing and wearing it instantly was possible