Seiko ANA Cal. 7T92 "Happy Flight" 2008

Bought on the flight ANA 85 from Chitose (Sapporo) to Haneda (Tokyo) on February 11th, 2009
Actually we were quite surprised that they carried this watch on board a short (ca. 1.5 hours) flight from Sapporo to Tokyo. We had spent a couple of days at the Rusutsu Resort skiing and did not have much shopping opportunities. So we studied the ANA inflight shopping brochure and found this interesting Seiko Chronograph Caliber 7T92. A 12 hour chronograph with 1/20th second display at 12 o'clock. Also if you look closely, you can see that the subdial at six displays the elapsed hours and the minutes using two small hands. The price of 19'000 seemed a bit stiff for a branded watch (USD 200 at the time of writing), however I was quite sure that my collection did not sport a 7T92 caliber.

Also there seems to be a movie with the same title "Happy Flight", you can see a trailer on this website (Japanese only).