Vostok Kommandierskiye from Larry

PMWF contest
In January 2004 Larry made a contest on PMWF: a winning team had to be guessed. I had no clue who is good and who is not, so I went with Larry's suggestions and the main stream, with LSU that was ... and ... I won the watch. Thanks Larry! I really love this watch! My first Vostok. A 17 Jewel hand wind with screw-down crown. Not that usual to find hand winds with screw-down crowns. But during the flight back from Hong Kong today, I already inspected very curiously that threaded stem tube to see whether it would hold up to a long daily use. And it seems that the watch is indeed well designed. The threaded tube seems to be very rugged and it also seems that it would be very easy to replace it in case the crown had been opened too many times.
Due to the Chinese New Year, the arrival of the watch was slightly delayed. And on January 26th just before I had to rush to the airport, I checked ... YES!!! ... the watch was finally here. And this is what I found inside the envelope.